Smart Home of the Future

Increasing efficiencies and reliability of solar PV, new wind turbine technologies, advanced high-energy, lowest cost per kWh battery storage chemistries and AI energy management systems, and more efficient HVAC and lighting systems indicate that the future of independently produced and controlled NetZero sustainable and cyber-secure energy is just over the horizon. Additional cost savings for the consumer, business, and utility will be realized as we move toward decentralized power distribution Smart Grid and system energy cost being off-set by carbon credits in community Virtual Power Plants. NZE plans to launch a pilot carbon trading platform for buying and selling voluntary carbon credits to meet the growing interest from the financial community in the burgeoning carbon offset market. The voluntary carbon market will need to grow 15X to meet goals set under the Paris climate agreement and could be worth up to $50 billion by 2030. The “NZE Xchange” would help create a more liquid market for carbon offsets and help various parties manage risks associated with climate costs. The NZE Xchange platform will deploy new blockchain technology that will enable buyers to fully trace which projects the carbon credits have come from and act as a record of ownership of the credits.

NetZero Energy Systems is currently offering Best-In-Class components from our reputable and reliable Channel Partners and on-going R & D gives us great optimism about the future of energy supply.